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Our mission is to empower creatives to transform their passions into professions. Explore our digital resource library, engage in interactive learning experiences, and benefit from professional mentorship as we nurture your path to success. AIS serves as a platform for creators to share their knowledge and experiences, fostering a constant flow of inspiration and information within the community

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Empowering Creativity: Addressing the Standards for Visual Artists at Music Festivals (Discussion)


Join established curators and professional artists on the Vision Train for a community panel discussion about live painting, gallery curation, installation production, and more.
We will be addressing the standards for Visual Artists at music festivals, and the ways that each of our platforms is approaching these issues. Now is the time to meet with industry leaders and founders of organizations such as The Vision Train, Art in Session, Tribe 13, The Gallery Society, The Haven, and IRL Art.
Want your voice heard? Submit your questions for the panel and contribute to the ongoing conversation around professionalism in our field

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What We Do

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Providing artists access to information and technique-based workshops provided by professionals in their fields.



Empowering artists to apply their skills in real-world settings and learn other hands on things that can only be seen when you're actively executing what has been learned.


Art Shows

Allowing artists to shine on a global stage. Celebrate and amplify their voices and funding future journeys for them and others in the community.



Giving artists the serenity and to innovate, create and grown. Ignite or renew fresh perspectives and passions.

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Rosa Beryl


Art in Session is like an art coaching and therapy session wrapped into one. It is a safe and supportive space that allows you to open yourself up to new ideas and ways to expand your art career. Ideas presented to you are coming from experienced, professional artists that know the ins of running a successful art business, so you know you can trust them. They also act as a great foundation for brainstorming new ways to expand your potential. Ania is so genuinely positive and kind, and I have never felt more supported by another artist!

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Sannie Cuddihy


I cannot recommend taking this course enough. I’ve been very lucky to have sat in workshops and talks facilitated by Ania over the last few months. Her insights, wisdom and encouragement stoke a fire under your arse to get stuff done. As an artist, I have constantly undervalued myself and shied away from making myself a website and really putting my work out there. It’s all so daunting. But Ania breaks things down in a way that they’re digestible and not as scary as one might think. Her attitude to helping you succeed is infectious and it soaks into your bones. Enjoying the journey and supporting each other to be the best artists we can be.

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Joe Phillips


I was fortunate enough to attend several of Ania’s workshops whilst participating in the Vision Train Global Art Project! Being an artist in incubation, still building my body of work, I jumped at the chance to hear direct experiences of the business of a professional artist. Her attitude towards money is direct and unapologetic and has already opened my eyes to potential ways that I can bring more positive energy to my family and community.

Ania’s workshops about artist Statements and our Stories, initiated some great internal dialogue and provided insight into who I am as an artist, and what I want to achieve. When we were encouraged to articulate ourselves in a safe group setting, Ania provided acute positive criticism, that really helped me express my ideas. It’s been fantastic to see how Ania has adapted to the strange situation that we all find ourselves in right now and her energetic work has been an inspiration and helped me understand my place in the creative web. Thank You Ania! Forever grateful! Good luck!

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