About Art In Session

Our Mission

At Art In Session, we cultivate the artist's journey from raw talent to professional mastery. Through immersive education, practical application, and community engagement, we inspire artists to both achieve their dreams and uplift others.

Our Vision

"We envision a world where art and community come full circle — a place where every artist, regardless of their background, not only thrives professionally but also enriches the society that nurtured them."



Providing educational opportunites for creatives

Art in Session: Resources for Creatives is committed to providing accessible education and opportunities to artists around the world. We organize workshops at events then preserve that knowledge for future artists to access online via our online "virtual workshop library." We encourage all our artists to give back in the form of educational workshops, ensuring a constant cycle of creatity inspiring the community.


Applying Learned Skills In The Real World

In addition to empowering  artists with the education they need to thrive, Art in Session creates hands-on opportunities for artists to apply these skills. Together we design, build and paint large scale art installations and workshop spaces at festivals and events. Structural artists, visual artists, digital artists, and musicians are empowered create, exhibit their art, and to step into a teaching role through our mentor program. This also give Art In Session the opportunity to enrich the lives of festival and event goers in a variety of ways.

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Art Shows

Amplifying Talent on A Global Scale

The exhibition experience can have a massive impact on an artist’s career. By producing a variety of art shows, gallery exhibitions, and vending opportunities, we help get their work seen and in the hands of collectors.


Reflect, Renew and Expand

Retreats are a great way to build community amongst creatives. Getting out of the studio and into a relaxing environment where they can collaborate, practice their crafts, and receive hands-on instruction creates an opportunity for expansion, mentally, physically and creatively.


Our Core Values

Lifelong Learning: We believe in the continuous pursuit of knowledge and skill, ensuring our artists are always growing and evolving.

Empowerment: We aim to equip artists with the tools, resources, and confidence they need to succeed in their professional journey.

Community: We recognize the power of collective effort and collaboration, fostering a supportive community where artists can thrive and give back.

Innovation: We encourage creative exploration and thinking outside the box, pushing the boundaries of what art can achieve.

Integrity: We commit to operating with transparency, honesty, and ethical principles, ensuring the trust of our artists and supporters.

Generosity: We champion the spirit of giving back, promoting a cycle where success is shared and used to uplift others.

Inclusivity: We embrace diversity in all its forms, ensuring every artist, irrespective of their background, feels valued and heard.