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Art In Session's
Sol Fest Proposal


The following proposal outlines Art in Session's plan to provide a unique, educational, and creative experience at Sol Fest through the following activations.

  • Live Painting Organization
  • Art Gallery Management
  • Creative Workshop Programming
  • Mini Mural Maze


Live painting is an integral part of the festival experience and this opportunity has great potential for all featured artists. Art in Session proposes that our team manage the live-painting aspect of the event. Making sure we represent your event with the highest of professionalism.

Art in Session will provide:

  • Artist Selection
  • Onboarding
  • Communication Management
  • Live Painting Scheduling and Management
  • On-site Artist liaison

Live Painter Compensation:

  • Artist Credentials
  • Catering during preproduction
  • Meal Vouchers or catering during the festival
  • Camping space for artists & staff
  • Vending space in the collective gallery


The Art Gallery exhibition experience is a critical component of our program. We will build, curate, and staff a collective gallery space, allowing all featured artists the ability focus on their installation or live painting performances while benefiting financially and professionally from merchandise sales and exposure.

​A collective gallery offers featured artists an equal opportunity to display and exhibit their art, as it gives patrons easy access to all of the artwork in one centralized location.

Artists will be asked to donate 20% of sales to the AIS non-profit.

Art in Session will provide:

  •  Application process for featured artists that want to exhibit/vend
  • Artist selection and gallery space assignment
  • Onboarding
  • Communication with all exhibiting artists
  • Gallery Staff Selection and Management
  • Interior Build out of the gallery (walls, decor, and lighting)
  • Payment Collection and distribution

Provided by festival:

  • A tent / structure for the Art Gallery Space
    • Must have walls & roof for protection
    • Approx. 30ft x 60ft but we are flexible on size
    • Amount of featured artists depends on structure size
  • Budget for management & sales team


Education is the foundation of our program. Our platform is designed to support the featured artists who want to step into a teaching role, as well as the patrons who want to learn from and connect with featured artists.

Art in Session will curate a lineup of creative and informational workshops that will be offered throughout the festival.

​Workshops include 

  • Featured Artists Panel Discussion (Q&A format)
  • Creative tutorials and interactive activities
  • Performance Arts Workshops
  • Art Installation Design and Build discussions
  • The Business of Art classes
  • + more

Art in Session will provide:

  • A creative workshop schedule utilizing current artist & installation artist lineup
  • Workshop Application, Selection & Management
  • Onboarding before the event
  • On-site communication & management for workshop presenters

Optional Add Ons:

  • The Deliberate Creation Workshop Station - A open air, all-in-one workshop station setup that includes a stage, seating, sound, and more. See photos for more info.
    • Additional cost for rental

Provided by Festival:

  • Budget for management team
  • Communication with creative leads to establish connections with artists
  • A structure for the workshop programming
    • Only if you choose to not use ours

Key Notes:

  • Our workshops will be taught by the existing lineup of visual artists & installation artists.
  • All presentations will be recorded and added to the Art in Session Library


The Mural Maze is one of our staple art activations. Featuring the work of well-known artists from around the country, the Mural Maze creates a space where patrons can get lost in the creative wonder that surrounds them. We create small and large scale art installations that observers can walk in and around, while experiencing hand painted murals in a powerful way.

Art in Session will provide:

  • A collection of completed murals from artists across the country
  • A build team to construct the maze
  • Promotion via our Mural Maze social media accounts

Provided by Festival:

  • Budget for build team
  • Budget for mural transportation
  • Camping & Catering for Mural Maze team


Below you will see the cost of each activation and details pertaining to  the budget.

Live Painting Management - $1,000
- $1,000 - Manager 1

Art Gallery Management - $7,500
- $2,500 - Manager 1
- $1000 - Manager 2
- $2000 - Sales Team
- $1000 - Build Team
- $800 - Pallet Walls
- $200 - Building Materials

Creative Workshop Management - $4,000
- $2,500 - Manager 1
- $1000 - Build Team
- $500 - Building Materials

Mini Mural Maze - $3,500
- $1,000 - Manager 1
- $1000 - Manager 2
- $1000 - Build Team
- $500 - Building Materials

TOTAL - $16,000


Along with a team of hardworking individuals, Art In Session is managed by professional speaker, motivator, and artist Ania Amador; alongside gallery curator and community cultivator, Gordie Morton. Both members have over 15 years of experience as a professional artists in the local and regional creative community. From large-scale activations at events such as Art Basel, Electric Forest, Hulaween, Secret Dreams, and more... to large city mural events, educational retreats, and locally focused community art gatherings. One thing is for sure, Ania and Gordie have dedicated their life in support of the creatives around them.

Ania Amador - Tampa, FL
Art In Session Founder
The Mural Maze Art Director
Deliberate Creation Station Director

Gordie Morton - Detroit, MI
Art In Session Manager
The Gallery Society Director
Secret Dreams Art Director


  • We are a nonprofit organization, 100% of the funds will be allocated back into the creative community.
  • We have over 15 years of experience in festival activation, installation, design, build, and gallery curation.


At Art In Session, we cultivate the artist's journey from raw talent to professional mastery. Through immersive education, practical application, and community engagement, we inspire artists to both achieve their dreams and uplift others.

EDUCATION - Art in Session is committed to providing accessible education and opportunities to artists around the world. We organize workshop events and preserve that knowledge for future artists to access online via our online "virtual workshop library." We encourage all our artists to give back in the form of educational workshops, ensuring a constant cycle of creativity inspiring the community

APPLICATION - In addition to empowering  artists with the education they need to thrive, Art in Session Inc. creates hands-on opportunities for artists to apply these skills in the professional world. We work with large-scale events and brands all around the country to create programs and activations that give our artists opportunities of all kinds. From presenting workshops at festivals to painting murals for large city events, AIS is there to support your professional journey.

COMMUNITY - Exhibitions, Retreats, and  Workshop Events are a great way to build community amongst creatives. Getting out of the studio and into supportive environment where creatives can collaborate, practice their crafts, and receive hands-on instruction creates an opportunity for expansion, mentally, physically and creatively.