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Art In Session Inc. aims to open a non-profit Art Gallery in the Detroit / Metro-Detroit area with a focus on empowering local creatives to transform their passions into professions. We plan to do this though the organization of local art exhibitions, creative workshops, community activation events, and more.

Our events and workshops will not only benefit the local community, but they will be professionally recorded and uploaded to our free online workshop library for creatives to access for years to come. All profits generated from the gallery will then be funneled back into the local community though scholarships and paid professional opportunities.


The Art Gallery exhibition space is a critical part of our mission in helping creatives transform their passions into professions. This space allows the artist to put their work on display, interact with the community, and creates an opportunity for them to sell and profit off of their work. Not only does this support the artists financially, but it acts as a professional learning opportunity for those who have never displayed their art in this format. No matter the experience level, our team is there to help every step along the way, ensuring all artists are empowered throughout the process.

The gallery will feature a rotating lineup of local & regional artist's work, with a focus on new and emerging local artists. Each new artist lineup will be accompanied by a professional gallery opening event, followed by their work being on display for a period of time.


Education is the foundation of our program. Our AIS platform is designed to not only support artists who want to step into a teaching role, but also those who want to learn from, and connect with the local artist community.

We plan to host at least 1 major workshop event each month, opening our doors to creatives of all kinds to share their skills with the community. Workshops will range in topics including: art business lectures, artistic tutorials, discussion panels, and more.

Not only will the community benefit from these workshop events, but every workshop produced will be professionally recorded and uploaded to our free workshop library for future creatives to access online.


At Art In Session Inc, supporting and activating the local community is our driving force. Our "Session Art Gallery" will have a direct focus on supporting our diverse local creative community. From showcasing local artists work on the walls, to hosting workshops that directly benefit the needs of the community, we will do everything we can to ensure the artists around us are supported.


Our goal is to raise enough funds to open and maintain the "Session Art Gallery" for 3 months, giving us the kick-start needed to run efficiently by ourselves.

Total Amount Needed: $13,131

Gallery Rent & Utilities: $8.5k
Gallery Staff: $3k
Signage & Deco: $1k
Promotion & Events: $631


Art In Session is managed by Ania Amador and Gordie Morton, two professional artists with over 15 years of experience activating the local and regional creative community. From large-scale installations at events such as Art Basel, Electric Forest, Hulaween, Secret Dreams, and more... to educational retreats and locally focused community art events, these two have dedicated their lives in support of the creatives around them.

Ania Amador - Tampla, FL
Art In Session Founder
The Mural Maze Art Director
Deliberate Creation Station Director

Gordie Morton - Ferndale, MI
Art In Session Manager
The Gallery Society Founder
Secret Dreams Festival Art Director


At Art In Session, we cultivate the artist's journey from raw talent to professional mastery. Through immersive education, practical application, and community engagement, we inspire artists to both achieve their dreams and uplift others.

EDUCATION - Art in Session is committed to providing accessible education and opportunities to artists around the world. We organize workshop events and preserve that knowledge for future artists to access online via our online "virtual workshop library." We encourage all our artists to give back in the form of educational workshops, ensuring a constant cycle of creativity inspiring the community

APPLICATION - In addition to empowering  artists with the education they need to thrive, Art in Session Inc. creates hands-on opportunities for artists to apply these skills in the professional world. We work with large-scale events and brands all around the country to create programs and activations that give our artists opportunities of all kinds. From presenting workshops at festivals to painting murals for large city events, AIS is there to support your professional journey.

COMMUNITY - Exhibitions, Retreats, and  Workshop Events are a great way to build community amongst creatives. Getting out of the studio and into supportive environment where creatives can collaborate, practice their crafts, and receive hands-on instruction creates an opportunity for expansion, mentally, physically and creatively.